10th October 2016

10 of the best LinkedIn company pages

Best Linkedin Company Pages

10 Organisations with fantastic LinkedIn company pages

LinkedIn may have long been seen as a place for job seekers and graduates to identify potential job opportunities and employment but over the last few years it has also become a tool for brands and businesses to actively engage with potential clients.  It has truly become a place where people come to consume professional content.  This is great news for brands, as it gives them a new audience to reach with their content using their Company Pages on LinkedIn.

Take a look at this list of 10 of the best LinkedIn Company pages around today.  It may come as a surprise to you to see that both B2B and B2C companies are using this presentation strategy to boost their online presence;

1/ Google
2/ Coca Cola
3/ Four Seasons Hotel
4/ Airbus
5/ Evernote
6/ Nike
7/ L’Oreal
8/ Mashable
9/ Apple
10/ IBM

So, how does your LinkedIn company page compare? Using the tips mentioned above, why not start optimizing your LinkedIn efforts to boost your company image and establish your presence all while generating B2B leads.

Please be free to email us at hello@hexadigital.co if you feel that you could use some help in reviewing or enhancing your profile. All the best.

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