20th March 2017

5 considerations when building a B2B website

5 considerations when building a B2B website

5 considerations when building a B2B website

A B2B website is a lot different from your ordinary e-commerce sites. Yet when building a business to business website, a lot of people employ e-commerce website building and design practices, falling short of what B2B sites should focus on. Coming up, we’ll explore 5 important things to consider when building a B2B website and how their implementation will increase the odds of becoming successful.

1/ Professionalism Through Design

The first thing users are going to face when visiting your website is its design. And considering that you want to come across as a serious, dedicated, professional and reliable business, you wouldn’t want to skimp out on the design budget.
A great design inspires confidence, it attracts and retains attention. This is important when other entrepreneurs and business leaders come and visit your site; you want them hooked right away, and a good overall design can better funnel information towards your potential customers. And we all know that information is the best commodity you’ve got to trade at first. A well-thought design can also push forward and emphasize your branding and company message.

2/ Strengths Should Stand Out

We all know each and every business on this planet has some key strengths they play on in order to attract more customers. It’s crucial you identify yours early and use them to do the same. Everybody knows nobody is perfect, but if certain services or products you provide can make up for what is lacking in your business at this moment, then you should be okay.
So, take advantage of these strengths and make them noticeable; make them stand out. Potential clients will take notice and look further into it. With their attention caught, they’re just a small nudge away from extending their hands to make the deal.

3/ Learn and Apply

Do not be afraid to invest in anything that can tell you more about your potential clients. Remember, this is not an e-commerce shop you’re running. You cannot throw out hundreds, thousands of products and wait for potential shoppers to come by and pick something up. You need to be precise and in order to do that, you need to know who you’re going after.
With that information in hand, start creating your website to suit those specific needs, and those needs only. You don’t need to be a crowd pleaser; you just have to get your message across to the right people at the right time and you’re set.

4/ Freebies

Make sure you channel visitors on your website through a funnel or a series of funnels in order to get them to either sign up for mailing lists, or at least to get them to download something you’re offering for free. Direct contact with your client through these sorts of practices builds that virtual rapport you should desperately be seeking at all times. It increases the odds that they’ll return and eventually get on your mailing list which is the modern business man’s rolodex.

5/ Modernise

As for the last point, take all the advice so far and present it through a modern perspective. Don’t be afraid of what new technology offers, and use it to your advantage. Whether it’s to increase accessibility and enhance the features of your website, or to add interesting elements to it like animations and special effects, it will all spell out one thing: you’re dedicated, and serious about this. This, consequently, leads to a boost in trust from your potential clients.

Of course, all these points need the input and know-how of professional web designers and coders. At HEXA, we can help you get your B2B website up and running in no time, employing white-hat tactics to guarantee a clear path towards success.

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