6th March 2019

Case Study - RVD Machinery

Digital Growth Strategy via SEO, PPC and Social

Website Design and Growth Strategy RVD

1./ The Challenge

Corporate rebrand and Digital Growth Strategy

The RVD brand had been around for over 10 years but was in need of a full rebrand and a new website.  online marketing and increase their online presence. Our challenge was to really dig deeper into the keyword goldmine and put in place a website growth strategy using both SEO and Pay-per-click methods.

Using no less than 5 research tools, we dived into this niche market to get a greater understanding of what people were searching for and to analyse the potential for greater coverage. This is something that companies often struggle with; looking at their product through the eyes of a potential client. As a result, they often end up overworking the same few keywords and consequently results fall short of expectations. Calling in a specialist growth agency can really help in this area.

2./ The Strategy

How we went about it...

As consumers, we trust first-page search engine results. This is because as we flip through the pages, the results always seem to get less and less relevant. DBC had ambitions to move up not just to the first page in the SERPs but into the top five spots on the first page! They wanted to back this up with Paid Ads to give themselves a double opportunity of getting noticed. Time to use our experience and digital marketing know-how. DBC needed a strategy that could make this dream a reality.

If we were going to achieve this kind ranking, first of all we had to make sure that everything was technically correct. We started off with some basic on-page SEO; restructuring the page layout. This was followed by some Technical SEO; sorting some behind the scenes issues that were hindering their advance.  At the same time we set up an off-page SEO strategy and targeted PPC campaigns. This was done using the information gained from our earlier research. The rest, as they say , is history.

3./ Reporting

Transparency; the key to real results and a good relationshhip

We have learnt a lot about the necessity of regular, clear and transparent reporting. All clients want to know where they are up to and how their campaigns are progressing and DBC were no different.

Using Google Analytics and our professional grade software, we provided monthly progress reports. These include Search traffic reports, Traffic referral sources, Rankings for designated keywords, next steps, etc. Good SEO reports provide a simple visual overview of the progress without the need to understand all the SEO jargon.

4./ The Results

What we achieved for RVD Machinery

A significant traffic boost and over 300% increase in incoming web leads ! The objective to increase the number of keywords placed in the top 5 rankings was a great success. 

However, to be totally transparent we would advise you to try it out for yourself by running a Google search in your own browser for some of the keywords we worked on in this campaign:

  • Factory partitioning
  • Factory partition walls
  • Industrial partition walls
  • Warehouse partitions
  • Flexible factory partitioning

Please note; RVD operate in the UK market so these campaigns were optimised accordingly. When testing from outside the UK, search results may show inconsistencies.

This is an ongoing project. We are now running a program of continual improvement to help continue this growth. Constant changes in the search engine algorithms make this necessary if you wish to maintain the ground gained. Trust you enjoyed the read, be free to share…

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