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    3rd February 2017

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    Website design & build for Art of French Cuisine


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    An online launchpad for an amazing publication…

    The Art of French Cuisine is a newly launched cookbook that pays tribute to 7 years of researching French cuisine and documenting some of the most amazing french recipes.  It takes you to the heart of gastronomy in a country from where some of the greatest chefs in the world have evolved.
    The website brief requested;
    • A design closely aligned with the look and feel of the brand.

    • A responsive, modular website with an intuitive navigation.

    • A layout that would compel visitors to read the story behind the book.

    This was an exciting and satisfying project for our development team, one that demanded the best possible shot.  Seven years of hard work and hundreds of pages of excellent content had to be showcased in just a few web pages and to do justice to all the hard work that had gone in previously.

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