20th August 2018

RVD Machinery

Brand identity, WordPress development & PPC campaigns

Website Design and Growth Strategy RVD
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Brand identity, Website & Digital Growth Strategy

RVD is a machinery brand offering extremely functional and affordable metal working machinery. Their designers and technicians have created a range of intelligent machinery, assembled in the East but using well known European brand components for reliablity. 

They approached us with the kind of brief we like; a clean slate to build from! 

RVD wanted an “industry standard” CMS and opted for a lightly customised WordPress setup. Most importantly, they wanted a long term relationship with a Digital Growth Agency with a strategy for driving quality traffic to the site, boosting their online presence and securing quality leads.

The finished website has a clean and modern feel that  gives RVD an authentic presentation of their products and the ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns continue to grow consumer engagement in their target market.

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