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A company’s brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers. It must be readable, versatile, memorable and most of all stand out.

The components that make up your brand; the name, logo, tone, tagline and typeface, are created to reflect the value the company.  Eventually however, your brand should become a set of expectations, stories and relationships which when taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to opt for your product or service over another.

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More than just a memorable logo, good branding increases the value of a company, provides employees with direction and motivation, and makes acquiring new customers easier. A brand really represents the sum of people’s perception of a company or organisation.

The terms brand and corporate identity are often used interchangeably however they are actually two different concepts. Branding relates to the emotional relationship between customer and a business, whilst the corporate identity is all about the look and feel of the business.

Done right, a rebrand is not a simple or quick task. Based on our experience, a successful rebrand can vary between 6 to 12 weeks. Creation of a startup brand is often slightly quicker.

Done right, a rebrand is not a simple or quick task and depending on the project can vary between 8 to 16 weeks. The first stage is Purpose; an analysis of why you would consider rebranding and what the advantages could be. The second stage is People; identifying and researching your target marketand the final stage is Positioning; where are you placed in the market from your audiences’ point of view. When your positioning is clear and based on both your purpose and your people, you’ll have the foundation for a powerful brand.

A Corporate Identity Package, also known as a CI Package, covers everything you would need for your Company from a graphic design perspective including Logos, Business Cards & Letterheads. 

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