Web Design

You know what you want from your website. You want it look attractive and stand out amongst your competitors but isn’t there more to it?

Of course there is; It must have simple usability, be engaging and directive, pointing your visitors to areas of interest using clever positioning and a tactical layout to ensure your visitors are focusing on targeted information.

Sound complicated?  Don’t worry; using our combined expertise in graphic design, website design and SEO planning we can set about designing and building you a truly efficient website in no time…

Web Design

Got questions ?

We have answers.

We've put together this brief little FAQ section to help you understand answer the questions that seem to crop up regularly.

Of course they are! All the sites we build are responsive as standard. This means when a user accesses your website via a mobile, tablet or laptop the website will automatically adjust to fit the size of the screen perfect on all devices.

We work most major content management systems but prefer  to use WordPress or our own bespoke content management system. We will research your needs and guide you in choosing the correct platform.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to ask you how long a piece of string is… A typical website build takes between 8 to 12 weeks to design and build.  You can be sure of one thing, we will work in a timely manner and keep you updated at every stage of the project.

By all means; This situation arises more often than you may think; A company rebrands and needs to implement the new logo and branding across the website, or maybe your relationship with your current developer has turned a little sour or maybe you simply want some fresh input and new ideas.  Whatever the case help is on hand…

Want to change from Joomla to WordPress?  Magento to WooCommerce? Switching CMS or changing the platform you run your website on doesn’t need to be a headache; we can look after all aspects of this especially concentrating on maximising uptime during the migration process.

OK, so you’ve spent years building up your web content and now you’re thinking of migrating to a different platform.  Is all your hard work lost? Of course not! We have extensive experience in exporting existing data into new website projects.

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