2nd January 2017

Social Media and it’s importance in B2B marketing.


The role of Social Media in B2B

The importance of Social Media for B2B companies in today’s world is becoming increasingly difficult to ignore and with Social Media Day being celebrated every 30th June, how much Social Media has contributed to the business world has proven to be worth celebrating.

In this article, we will be discussing three very important tips on how social media is important for B2B marketing professionals.

Make sure your presence on social media is active

This has been repeated countless number of times right? We will repeat it here again. B2B firms should and must have active social media accounts to boost their businesses. There are benefits to having active social media accounts of which the most important is to keep your business relevant. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are in pole positions to give your business the exposure it deserves. Through these platforms, you can promote marketing content for your business, have a one-on-one with customers, potential customers and generally people who are interested in following your business.

It’s however not just enough to have a social media account for your business. It is also of utmost importance to keep the account active with frequent posts, updates and responses. For marketing purposes of B2B, LinkedIn is the foundational social media account that should be operated. Besides LinkedIn, it is a great idea to have one or two other relevant platforms through which you can promote and make your business relevant on social media. Three social media networks are quite easy to maintain rather than getting on all at networks and failing woefully at it.

Once your business has gotten an active presence on social media, the account should be kept active by posting frequently, posting relevant content, responding to queries and questions as well as connecting with customers and potential clients.

Pay for ads

With the way social media is evolving now, businesses do not get the needed exposure they should just by being actively present knowledge Social Media platforms. The only way to get all the exposure they need to the right people is by paying for ads so they can boost organic posts thereby reaching a wider audience.

The good thing about paid ads on social media networks is that businesses can target their desired audience and there are different price levels. This is good for B2B marketing because businesses can choose an ad plan according to their budget.

On social media, B2B firms can run any ad they want between the two types of advertisements which are Ads and sponsored updates. Ads generally is paying for advertising for a business page and the page can be customized to contain desired text, landing page and images. Sponsored updates on the other hand is when a business page promotes a already published post. To run ads for a B2B firm on social media, sponsored updates are a great idea to start with.

However, one important thing to note here is that when you run ads, your ads must look professional and must be in line with your B2B marketing efforts.

Use Video

Ever sat through a meeting in a B2B company where the CEO says something like; “We sell B2B and businesses don’t watch online videos.”  This may be true of the business itself, but the people that work in these companies do.  These people are using social media and are talking online.  They know what they do and do not like.  It is important to keep before us that as the work force gets younger, they are more likely to use social media for research than their predecessors were.  While your target might be different, it really comes down to engagement and relationship.

Of a large group of executives surveyed recently, 75% said they watch work-related videos on business-related websites at least weekly, while 52% stated they watch work-related videos on YouTube every week.

The strategy for B2B video is very like the process for B2C video.  You must know your target market and you need to understand how they buy and how they search online.  You need to understand where they hang out within social media.  The advantage in social media video marketing for B2B is that, very often, you can be more focused because you are targeting a smaller audience.

Hopefully these tips will help your B2B company to build a solid foundation on social media and increase your followership which in turn is good for business and long term profitability.

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