17th July 2017

Understanding PPC and AdWords for B2B


Understanding PPC and AdWords and their importance in Online Marketing for your B2B Site.

Now that you’ve got your B2B website up and running, it’s time to get some traction and start flooding it with visitors. Sure, white-hat SEO (that is, search engine optimization that’s within the guidelines expressed by said search engine) and a good B2B website design will go a long way in attracting and retaining visitors. But it won’t be nearly enough in order to truly get your business out there properly. And one of the sure-fire ways to do this is through marketing. Now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone – that marketing leads to more exposure. But when it comes to websites and B2B websites in particular, the rules are a bit different, and so are the players involved in the equation.

What is AdWords and PPC?

You might’ve already heard about AdWords, as you literally come across their products in almost all online resources. These are, of course, the ads powered by the search engine giant Google. This is by far the most far-reaching, most popular and most effective way to get the word about your own online resource. As far as PPC goes, it stands for Pay Per Click and is a program within AdWords in which you, as the name suggests, pay per a user’s click on your ad. Basically, Google will display your ads to its users, and once and only if one of those users clicks your ad and are redirected to the resource of your choice, you will pay the established price of that PPC.

Now, you may ask yourself: why is AdWords so popular? Well, think of it this way – it’s being run by the world’s biggest, most powerful and precise search engine. The AdWords program will target the best audience for your ads and display them to that audience specifically. This is because it’s in Google’s interest to target your desired audience first and foremost; remember, they only get paid if the user clicks on your ad. By using cookies, tracking data on their users and determining their preferences in consequence, they are able to properly target the right kind of people for your messaging. And now, what with the surge of mobile browsing and all, they’ve also adapted better to mobile displays with better ads which fit those screens without losing impact on a page.

Best B2B Website Practices for AdWords and PPC Campaigns

You should always start with research, and before you get into that, make sure you know what your company is all about. What would a user be searching for in order to land on your page? Think of the exact phrases they would have to type into the search engine so that it would display your company in the results. Those phrases will become your focus keywords for the AdWords campaigns, and you will probably have to enter a bidding war if there’s competition over them. You will also have to make sure that you actively exclude keywords that you’re not interested in or don’t want to be associated with, and also look into your campaign settings and make sure it displays ads during business hours exclusively.

AdWords can make websites stand out of the crowd by bringing in visitors and potential customers your way. In time, you may not need as much of a budget for this program as you will at first, but it’s a good kick start to your B2B website’s legacy.

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