10th June 2018

What is a Website Growth Agency ?

Website Growth Agency

So what exactly is the role of a Website Growth Agency ?

The term Website Growth Agency has evolved relatively recently from the term Digital Growth Agency and recognises agencies that specialise in boosting the ROI of existing websites.

Use your existing Digital Assets

Rather than continually selling clients new websites or front-end rebuilds, these agencies seek to address two common problems. Firstly, to prevent unnecessary investment and work against the situation we hear so often; “we spent X amount on a new website but we’re not getting results…” and secondly, to achieve structured and measurable growth and lead generation from existing websites and other digital assets such as social channels.

"we spent X amount on a new website but we're not getting results..."

This is where the role of the Website Growth Agency kicks in. All too often, companies are unknowingly investing in the wrong area.  A lack of clarity and direction from their agency of choice is resulting in very poor ROI. Unless they are driving quality traffic to their website they simply will not get the results they are hoping for.

Invest in quality traffic

Picture a company investing in a large and expensive catalogue and then printing just one copy, placing it in their local library and then sitting back and hoping that every potential client is going to go out of their way to come and browse through it. It just isn’t going to happen.  At best, some may stumble across it by pure chance. Despite this obviously flawed concept, we see this scenario happening all too often in web design. New, expensive websites being designed and built with almost no prior planning on how to drive traffic to them.

"We cut spend on a planned redesign and invested it in driving traffic. The result has been a 300% increase in incoming web leads"

A you can see, the quote above speaks for itself. It comes from a specialist factory fit-out company that we have been working with for some time. Recently they asked us to scope out a website facelift but following our advice they opted to invest in driving quality traffic to the existing website via SEO and PPC. Their results far exceeded anything a redesign could have achieved.

Bringing in a dedicated agency to help you get more from your existing website and improve your ROI is something that could bring rapid results for many companies who feel their website is not paying it’s way.  Contact us today for a free website and SEO analysis; hello@hexadigital.co

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